iPad to TV Converter UK

Our Price: £39.99

High quality USB Dock Connector to TV RCA Video AV Cable Adapter for Apple iPad 2 3 iPhone 3GS 4 4S iPod White 


Connect an iPod, iPhone or iPad to your television with the Apple Component AV cable, gather up your friends, and watch videos or slide shows together on the big screen. You can also connect the Component AV Cable to your stereo or powered speakers for a room-filling audio experience.



Suitable for iPod/Ipad/Nano/Video/Classic/Tuch/iPhone

Charger and data transfer for your iPod and iPhone

Output video or picture from iPod and display on TV screen

Listen to the iPod music from you home theater system



  1. Function with a USB data cable.
  2. From the ipod,iphone,ipad output the video and pictures to your TV
  3. Can be used for home theater play music for the ipod,iphone.
  4. Cable length:1.2M
  5. Size: 15*8*4 CM
  6. Weight:80g